Dental treatment and prosthetics in Belarus: visa-free travel, safety, saving up to several thousand euros in cost

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It’s hard to believe it straight off, but Belarusian dentists are often more professional in dental prosthetics and treatment than their foreign colleagues. You may wonder why? Well, it’s due to the fact that they perform complex operations much more often, since dental services in Belarus remain affordable, even when it comes to implantation. Official statistics annually declares the growth of the so-called «inbound medical tourism», but it is safe to say that much of it accounts for dental tourism. Non-resident aliens and former citizens, as well as foreigners specially coming for prosthetics, choose Belarusian dentistry for its fair prices and high quality. Spend a few minutes of your time to see it for yourself.

It is not a big deal to get to Belarus. Since last year, a visa-free regime has been operating in the country, and citizens from dozens of states (a complete list of states is available here), can come to Belarus on visa-free basis as long as they arrive at National Airport Minsk and depart from it. This visa-free regime can not be applied to flights from Russian airports. At the same time, Belarus is one of the safest places among the former USSR countries, and its position in the so-called «Global Peace Index» is higher than the USA, Israel, Thailand, Russia and China..

By the way, due to the rapid growth of IT industry, there are many expatriates living and working in Minsk and other large cities of Belarus, and for this reason the majority of the world fast food and fast fashion brands have come to the country, Uber is also available here, there are full-service hotels like Hilton, etc — thus it is fair to say that Belarus is an average country in Eastern Europe.

Inbound tourism is also developing rapidly, especially with the introduction of visa-free entry system in the National Airport Minsk. In summer 2019 The 2nd European Games that is the largest continental sport event and the “Olympics Junior” was held in Minsk. The event was visited by dozens of thousands of guests.

A representative of KANO dental clinics chain in Minsk notes that every second client of its services is a citizen of another state, and the absolute number of such clients is constantly growing. Comparing to neighboring countries, Belarus remains competitive in price, and in terms of quality traditionally maintains high standards.

KANO welcomes clients from any state to enjoy its prosthetics services. The service is comprehensive, it includes the reception and seeing-off at the airport, accommodation and observation during the entire period of stay and, of course, the high quality dental prosthetics.

— Being aware of the fact that our clients are arriving to a foreign country, where everything is unfamiliar and unusual, we try to provide maximum support and assistance on all residential issues and literally take our patients under our “wing” — says Vladislav Androsov, managing director of the KANO clinics chain. — Our tour manager meets the client at the airport and takes him to the apartment. The patient is given a mobile phone with a Belarusian SIM card and the Internet access to stay connected throughout the whole treatment.

KANO provides comfortable apartments just outside the clinic. Most commonly, these are rented apartments from our partners. All apartments are clean, cozy, comfortable, non-smoking, with free Wi-Fi access. All the patients are given blenders to chop food.

“We carry out implantation in two ways,” continues the maxillofacial surgeon Timofey Yaroshchik. This is All on 4/6 procedure with the restoration of the entire tooth range in 5 days in case of complete absence of natural teeth, as well as standard prosthetics procedure, when first the implants are installed and after the period of osseointegration from 3 to 6 months ceramic-metal dental prosthesis is fixed. For implantation with immediate loading according to the All on 4/6 method, it is important to install a conditionally removable metal-acrylic prosthesis and give the necessary load right after installation of the implants. As a result, the patient gets teeth, which can be used safely in only 5 days after implantation.

Now let’s talk about prices. In the USA, implantation of All on 4/6 type will cost the patient about $ 40,000. In Europe it costs about 12,000 — 15,000 euros… And in Minsk it’s only 3850€! Of course you will also have to spend a bit smaller amount for the flight and accommodation, and yet you’ll save at least a few thousand, which is still lots of money in any country.

— KANO Clinic is the only clinic in the Republic of Belarus and one of the few in Europe that holds the prestigious international quality certificate ISO9001: 2015, issued by the accredited certification authority from the UK (LAABS) in 2017. Hence in our clinics we use only high quality materials produced by leading global brands. Implants we use are: Nobel Biocare (Sweden), Straumann (Switzerland), MegaGen (South Korea), Noris Medical (Israel). These implants showed the best results for long-distance osseointegration. All of these implants are registered in all the developed countries of the world. It means that in case you need to change the dental crown on the installed implant, any orthopedic doctor in the USA, Germany or New Zealand will be able to do this. We use materials for ceramic-metal crowns, ceramic restoration and veneering made in Germany, Japan and Liechtenstein as well as latest-generation photopolymer filling materials and anesthetics from the leading manufacturers in Germany and Japan.

After undergoing the treatment, all the necessary documents are handed over to the patient, those are:

— signed contract with the list of all rendered services and the fixed cost of treatment;
— signed warranty for the rendered services;
— passport for an implant, which includes all the necessary data (manufacturer, type, size);

— It is worth mentioning that in our long-term practice, all insurance obligations were fulfilled by 100%. Yes, we provide all the necessary documents in English so that the client can receive reimbursement of expenses from their insurance companies if their standard private insurance covers a share of the cost of dental services — thus one can save even more on their dental treatment.

Official website of the clinic:

You can call the clinic during standard working hours in Belarus (UTC +3 time zone) from 8:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturday by phone +375296433401. If it is more convenient for you to use email, you can send your request to

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